T minus 0 days?

We arrived at the hospital last night. Now it’s about noon, and after a sleepless night and what seemed like endless hours of contractions and labor, we finally got Nancy an epidural. Her platelet count was low, so there was doubt whether she could get an epidural. But there was a platelet recount, and she had barely enough. Now everything is groovy. Epidurals evidently are a lot scarier than they sound, because Nancy didn’t even seem to feel the needle. Now time is flying, where before it barely crawled. I think there is a before-epidural and after-epidural clock. The after one goes faster.

We expect delivery later this afternoon, and they will move Nancy to the OR for the delivery. Doctor says there will be two delivery docs, assorted nurses, and a team for Zoe and a team for Apollo. Should be quite an exciting and busy delivery room.

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  1. Felicia and Genaro |

    We keep checking in — very excited!
    Hope all is well and that Zoe and Apollo are getting top treatment from their personal teams! :o)

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