6-10 months

Since the last post we bought a house. Since we bought a house, we have had time for little else except helping two fat babies get fatter. Here are some videos of just how much fatter they got over the course of 4 months (warning: suitable mostly for grandmas and aunts).


Recently Zoe and Apollo’s great aunts came for a visit. Zoe ate watermelon for the first time and demonstrated her newly acquired clapping skills. Apollo managed to crawl all the way up the stairs. Both were excessively kissed, but seemed no worse for the wear.

It’s good to see family, and we hope to see more of them more often. Below are some recent photos.


  1. I like how Zoe sits with one leg behind and one forward. Beautiful pics.

  2. Great photos and the kids have gotten even cuter! Nice wall color on the home! :-)

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