Zoe’s helmet

A few weeks ago Zoe got fitted for a helmet. The helmet will help her head round out, as it is currently kind of flat in the back due to how she likes to sleep, and from being the first twin. Basically they put a white panty hose type material over your head, and scan you with a handheld scanner, sort of like what the checkers use at Home Depot.


The process, however, can be rather boring. But it does make your cheeks look big.


A couple weeks later, a helmet was made. After a week break-in period, Zoe went in for her first check up with the helmet. She now has to wear it 23 hours a day, until she’s about 12 mo. old. She doesn’t like it much, and is very happy during the hour a day when it is off.

Her new nickname is “roller derby.”

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  1. Felicia and Genaro |

    I don’t think roller derby has ever been cuter. Did you guys get to pick out the styling butterfly design?

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