Happy 2012!

Happy new year everyone! Thanks for following this blog, your support and comments in 2011 have been very much appreciated. But, we’re only getting started!

2012 looks to be a very interesting year. It’s the Year of the Dragon (or snakes redrawn to look like dragons), and also the end of the world. This end of the world prediction appears to have more support than Harold Camping’s, so it will be interesting to see what happens, or what we make happen.

In the meantime, our gang plans to try to buy a house, have Nancy’s mom come over in the spring to help raise the kids, and also see if Emery can break into the Chinese legal market here in Portland. I expect this year will also be the year Zoe and Apollo learn to talk, so we can finally hear what they feel about this whole thing.

Best wishes for the new year! Be kind to each other, question everything, and soak in life like there’s no tomorrow (in case the Mayans and Roland Emmerich are right)!


  1. Remember, what’s Mayan is your’s!

  2. BeeBee & Charles |

    Happy New Year to all of you. We have to get together again soon…Love and hugs to Zoe and Apollo…Grand Godmother BeeBee

  3. The babies are getting cuter by the day. Can’t wait to meet my niece and nephew sometime this year. Rachel and Lana are ready to party with their recent born relatives!

    • Zoe and Apollo are looking forward meeting Rachel and Lana too! They are very interested in each other now and they always behave very well in front of people :-)

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