How babies pass the time


  1. Gloria Vlachos |

    Emery – Zoe and Apollo are so cute! they seem to be very good babies, happy and content. Did you receive the message I sent to you on FB? the maker of the blankets, hat, and jackets would like to have a picture of them wearing what I sent so she can use it for her website. Is this possible?

    Happy Holidays!

  2. Note: Video by Dad not by Mom. Mom would have removed the bib and dress them better :-)

  3. These babies are sooo cute!!! I cannot believe how big they are… And to think 7 months ago we were all on cruise together and they were in your belly… You guys are truely blessed!!! <3

  4. Thanks you guys. And in case anyone is wondering, Zoe’s the chunky one in the pink sweater, and Apollo has the lovely pink fringed bib.

  5. it’s amazing how Apollo looks so much like Emery and Zoe looks so much like Nancy! they are adorable :)

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