Porkers R Us

Concerned that they need to reach their birth weight, the pediatrician had us come in last week for a weigh in. Both Zoe and Apollo exceeded their birth weights by about 10 ounces, thus confirming the fact that these guys can eat. And if you think Zoe looks self-satisfied, that’s because she is.

Apollo demonstrates the key to packing on theĀ  pounds, which is to sleep whenever possible.


  1. Felicia and Genaro |

    Oh those self-satisfied babies. :o)

    • So cute and plumping up! Glad to see the baby blankets are being put to good use. (in Charlotte, NC for business)

  2. Hi Nancy and Emery, Long time no see. Big Congratulations on your twins! Take your kids to come visit Texas someday. ………….keep us posted ! ……………….Lili

  3. Chris Camarillo |

    The sumo wrestler training plan. Eat. Sleep.

    Awesome. Congrats to you both!

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