Due date set

Looks like 10/10/11 may be Zoe and Apollo’s birthday. Nancy’s doctor wants us to go in to the hospital on Sunday, 10/9 for delivery on Monday, 10/10. That will be a few days over the 36th week. This is because Apollo’s placenta is giving out, and an ultrasound 2 days ago put him at 4 lb. 8 oz., while Zoe was at 5 lb. 3 oz. Looks like time is about up!

In the meantime, Nancy has been cooking up a storm. Her latest creations are Chinese steamed buns, which she learned how to make on YouTube. We’re going to need a bigger kitchen.


  1. Those lucky babies will grow up eating Nancy’s great cooking! We’re looking forward to updates once Nancy checks into the hospital!

  2. Awesome! How exciting!

  3. I am supposed to on bed-rest according to the doctor, but can’t help to finish the new dishes I learn from Youtube since I have too much time home. But they turn out pretty good!luck Emery, he has a lot to eat even after my delivery :-)

  4. 10/10 is a great date – it’s the National holiday in China/Taiwan – it celebrates the outbreak of the Wuchang Uprising in 1911 that led to founding of the Republic of China in 1912….and, it’s our wedding Anniversary too :)

  5. BeeBee & Charles |

    Good luck guys, Chose a great date per Esther!
    Remember no raw fruits or vegetables for a month and lots of ginger and sesame oil. Lots of protein. Is Nancy’s mom here yet?

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