A man’s guide to buying eggs

I’ve never noticed eggs to have any difference in flavor. By the time we men eat eggs, they’re usually scrambled in left over bacon grease and doused with ketchup, salsa, or Tabasco sauce, and the only observation is “yes, I’m eating eggs.” It is with this mindset that I went to the store this week for eggs. In addition to a dozen of the expensive “free range organic” eggs Nancy normally gets, I added a perfectly respectable carton of $0.99/dozen Kroger brand eggs.

As part of her post natal recovery, Nancy requires Post Natal Recovery Poached Eggs for breakfast which I usually prepare for her in the morning before I go to work. This time I used the $0.99 eggs because, well, eggs are eggs. Although the Post Natal Recovery Poached Eggs don’t involved ketchup or Tabasco sauce, they do involve several ingredients that should likewise remove any perceived difference in expensive vs. el cheapo eggs. To wit:

First there is ginger root

that is added to a small pot of boiling water.

Next are the 3 eggs

that are carefully stirred in.

After a few minutes of boiling, pour off the foam that bubbles up.

Then grab the bottle of fermented rice

and add a spoonful.

Finally, in goes a heaping spoonful of brown sugar.

Transfer to bowl, leave on table for wife, and head off to work.

All was fine for a couple mornings.  But the third morning, the box of $0.99 eggs greeted me with the following:

Evidently there is some difference in eggs. So for all the men out there who shop for eggs for their wives: get the free range organics.

And now, some pictures that don’t involve eggs:


Cool hat courtesy of Sam.


Strategically positioned bath thermometer


Down with that


Just sayin'


The chubby cheek contest


I can sleep through anything


Yes, he can.


What light through yonder window breaks?


The ability to handle two with ease, a credit to Post Natal Poached Eggs.


Zoe could have said "pull my finger," but saved everyone the trouble.

Cool hat courtesy of Sam.Strategically positioned bath thermometerDown with thatJust sayin'The chubby cheek contestI can sleep through anythingYes, he can.What light through yonder window breaks?IMG_2332IMG_2351IMG_2354IMG_2373IMG_2379IMG_2381IMG_2386IMG_2390The ability to handle two with ease, a credit to Post Natal Poached Eggs.Zoe could have said "pull my finger," but saved everyone the trouble.IMG_2416IMG_2417IMG_2418


  1. Chris Camarillo |

    I LOVE poached eggs. ‘Twas a staple in my home growing up, served over a piece of whole wheat toast. Now my wife, who never had them, loves them as well. I’m curious what changes ginger would make to the eggs. Awesome idea for a blog, by the way.

  2. BeeBee & Charles |

    You guys are too funny!
    And omgosh…the babies have grown. time for a visit soon!

  3. “I’m not like you prefer to eat old crap first.” So concise and so true! Nancy is definitely a keeper. Organic eggs: 1, Emery: 0.

    • Yes, and by all indications, Zoe has inherited Nancy’s personality, so my average is only predicted to get worse.

  4. Why does Nancy have to eat these eggs?

    • Natasha, look up Chinese Confinement diet. Evidently in China there is a long list of dos and don’ts, and foods that are to be eaten for the 1 month following delivery. Poached eggs are one of the items on the list.

  5. Felicia and Genaro |

    We remember you explaining your “Eat the old crap first” methodology, and I (Felicia) think it’s fair for Nancy to point out that you have no food standards. :o) ( Just couldn’t resist throwing another elbow!).

    Also, your kiddos are ridiculously cute!

  6. I love them! They are so dang cute! Also Nancy is hilarious :)

  7. Nancy is so funny and how nice you have time to make the eggs in the morning prior to work! I’m so with Nancy on the eggs. Food quality makes a huge difference in taste and your health. Organic food tends to taste much better because of how it’s produced. Check out Michael Pollen’s books about the problems with food in our country.

  8. Actually, I think your pics did involve eggs at one time! The babies are adorable….I am thinking Apollo looks like dad and Zoe looks like mom. Nancy, you look great!

  9. I have friends who have very organic, free range chickens, so free in fact, that a nearby fox family has been quite happy about it all, but that’s another story. Anyway, I’ve had “fresh squeezed” eggs and have to admit that to me they taste just like the ones from the grocery store.
    But probably they are healthier…

    Anyway, this blog and each photo here warms my heart on this cold morning, especially the pix of the newest Wangs!
    Congratulations, Emery and Nancy!
    And congratulations Zoe and Apollo – you’ve won the parental lottery!

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