The world is a funny place…

when the remote is almost as big as you are. We’ve been home for a week, and the living room is ground zero for baby camp. I can tell you all the good shows to watch between the hours of midnight and 6 am: you have your choice between the overnight news on CBS or NBC, British comedies on PBS, or many products to make you skinny.

Hooray, today we went for our first pediatric check up!

The car seats, however, were a bit roomy.



  1. love reading your updates!

  2. they are adorable, so glad you have time to keep a blog, it’s fun to be able to see how things are going at home with the babies :)

  3. We know what you and Nancy are going thru – hang in there with the lack of sleep!

  4. You look tired Emery. Good to see you don’t have Nancy doing all the work. Haha

  5. BeeBee & Charles |

    Nancy, great to visit with you and the babies…They are adorable…Charles had to remind me not to steal the babies…Let me know when you want more Chinese Post natal food….

  6. emery and nancy, your babies are beautiful. I can’t wait to meet them!

  7. Felicia and Genaro |

    Endless cuteness!

  8. Bigger pictures, man! We want to see every detail of your fatherly glory :)

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