When I hold your small body close to mine
I feel weak and strong at the same time
So few years to give you wings to fly
Show you stars to guide your ship by
-Johnny Clegg, Cruel, Crazy, Beautiful World

One day Zoe and Apollo will look back on 2011, and it will seem like a long time ago. They may read about our generation in the news and in history books, but what did their parents and their parents’ friends think about things as they actually happened? What were the folks like back then?

We created this blog to one day be a window into the world that mom and dad inhabited while Zoe and Apollo were growing up, and we invite you to contribute. Feel free to drop your thoughts into this time capsule, and help us guide Zoe and Apollo into life on planet earth.

Welcome aboard kids, it’s gonna be one helluva ride!

-Emery and Nancy

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